Connecting with movement

Sorry for the delay of part 2 in this series but I have had some stuff going on so my head has been elsewhere. Hopefully I am back on it now 🙂 **please refer to blog ‘Supporting others’** Exercise, movement, activity, sport, call it what you want, this is the most popular response I had to my shout out ‘how do you manage your mental health?’. To those who have followed my journey over the last few years you will know that exercise has been key to my health and recovery. What… Read More

When things go wrong

I am aware that I am part one into a four part series on ‘How do you manage good mental health and wellbeing’ but I just wanted to say this before I continue with it and explain what has been going on recently. Friday 1st March – I have been stupid, I am not proud, it is not clever and I deeply regret what I have done. I have been lucky and am clearly on my 9th life. I feel the need to publish this in order that nobody will ever do… Read More

I will be back soon

Hi all, just taking some time away for some self care after being unwell since Monday. I will be back as soon as I can with the next in the ‘how do you manage your mental health and wellbeing’ series and to update you with what has happened. For the time being I am taking a step back from my blog and social media. Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe xx

Connecting with the outdoors

**please refer to blog ‘Supporting others’** There is no getting away from the outdoors, it is there night and day, just look out of a window and you will see it. The four seasons show it in all its glory. We all have access to it, it is free to see and use (excluding attractions) and it is available to all of us. Some may hate it and some may not be able to experience it due to illness or disability. In the main it is there beaming at us to go… Read More

Supporting others

Thanks to all of your responses I have been able to chuck together a short series on ‘How to maintain a positive mental health and wellbeing’. These are your ideas with some of my thoughts and experiences chucked in. I have to say that this has been beneficial for me. Not only have I realised the importance of sticking to what I do through your encouragement but I am now able to embrace ideas which I probably would never have thought of. Each and every response has inspired me. Thank you. Whilst… Read More

How do you manage good mental health and wellbeing?

Over the next week I am doing something different and asking for your help. It is as the title suggests. Yep, that simple. What do you do to get you out of a low mood, or keep you from dropping down that rabbit hole? How do you sustain good mental health? It is up to you as to how you respond. You can either comment openly on my insta, twitter or Facebook. You can also private message me. It can be one word or it can be 1000 words. Lets see what you… Read More


Sunday 27th January 2019 (12.57pm) This is one of those days where I am not sure what I am going to say or type or even if I will hit the publish button for all to read. I will just come out and say it… I feel so low that I do not quite know what to do with myself. I am sat in a coffee shop having just dropped Olly back at home after his morning walk. My head feels all over the place, kind of erratic but subdued not knowing… Read More

Are you ok?

Wednesday 16th Jan 2019 (1.39pm) I invite anyone to live in my head for 24-48 hours to try and understand and see what goes on.  Inside is a world of battle, contradiction, positive insights, negative thoughts. A world where nothing stays the same for long, a world that is continually changing and fighting for what is right and for what is best. My head can flip and change from decisive to indecisive in a split second, leaving me in a place where I do not understand. I have gone from someone who… Read More

A scrap in the grey matter

*Picture from Pixabay* Tuesday 8th January 2019 (5.40pm) Once again, thank you for so many comments after yesterday’s blog. I do not like to feel negative in my writing, but unfortunately that is the reality with mental illness and thats how it is. I am humbled by those who took time out to write to me and share their experiences. I know today has been difficult for one person in particular and if by me saying how I feel helps in someway then I know there is a reason for me doing… Read More

It’s a strange thing depression

Monday 7th January 2019 (7.26pm) I was hoping for a more positive start to 2019. December was not a good month. My mood was generally low, apart from the odd good or happy day. I am not into this new year, new me, new resolutions, new goals, as to me it is just another day and just another year. I do not expect miracle transformations over night and depression certainly does not know one day from another. It is a strange thing ‘depression’, I try and explain my feelings to my partner… Read More