Saturday 14th May 2016 (10.44am)

I was at David Lloyd before it even opened this morning. I did a 2 mile swim and a 5K run. I am physically feeling good, and mentally, I am ticking along at about 6/10. I am now just relaxing with a hot chocolate to bring me back to life. I am not quite sure of todays plans; I guess I will see where my mood takes me. Once again, I got chatting in the changing rooms and the conversation naturally drifted to me being off work and the reasons why. I… Read More

Friday 13th May 2016 (12.12pm)

5/10 – If I had written my mood score earlier then it would have been lower. I am in a cant be bothered mood and haven’t been to the gym. I have had some text messages from friends which I have replied to and I have even made plans to meet up with them next week. Again, lacking inspiration so no point bumbling on. (7.29pm) I thought I would try and give this writing another go. This afternoon, I went to local coffee shop and finished the book which I started yesterday… Read More

Thursday 12th May 2016 (10.14am)

5/10 – Feel that I am lacking any inspiration to write. Bike and swim session done and now contemplating what to do today. Not sure if I am just tired, fed up, or both?

Live update

Just leaving Kensington Palace. This is how my life has changed.

Wednesday 11th May 2016 (11.30am)

4/10 – Not quite sure that I can describe the way I feel today. I had a GP appointment at 8.30 and I have been signed off work for at least another two weeks, this does not surprise me. I feel like I am very up and down and my head feels fuzzy and tired. Not even the gym has improved my mood. I managed to run for the first time since the bolts were taken out of my leg (14th March) so that is good progress. The weather has been wet… Read More

Tuesday 10th May 2016 (10.56am)

6/10 – I did not feel too bad waking up this morning. I guess I was looking forward to going swimming and having a day of reading and writing. You will notice two things about me. (1) I like to spend time in coffee shops, even though I dont like coffee. My drink which is well known in my locals is a soy hot chocolate, extra hot with extra chocolate. (2) I spend a lot of time in the gym or out on my bike. I have always been fit and active,… Read More

Monday 9th May 2016 (6.31pm)

So why have I decided to put pen to paper and write about me, my current state of mind and my journey. Today I have had counselling, in fact it was my fourth session with my counsellor at work. It was she who suggested that I record how I feel on a 1 (low) to 10 (high) scale, three times per day, morning, lunchtime and evening to see if I can pin point any mood fluctuations. I thought it would be good to write about how I feel as well. I am… Read More